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Water Treatment Facilities Operation and Maintenance

Total Support for All Water-related Business, at all Stages of the Water Cycle

How water supply and sewerage systems are administrated is currently changing. Increasingly elderly infrastructure facilities combined with worsening economic conditions mean that hitherto public-run businesses are having more trouble. TESCO is responsible nationwide for a variety of water businesses at all stages of the water cycle, and offers a wide range of support, from operation and maintenance management of facilities such as water supply and industrial waterworks, and agricultural sewerage, right through to engineering and consulting. In recent years, advanced facilities using ozone with its high oxidizing power for color removal, deodorizing, and breakdown of organic microcontaminants have become the norm, and we have been tasked with the operation and management of these new facilities. Our elite personnel with a wealth of experience assist with the hygienic and safe operation of these facilities, while remaining conscious of the environment.

Water Treatment Facilities Management Service Details

Water treatment facilities involve both the maintenance of water supply facilities and sewage treatment facilities, and in these are the issues of larger, more advanced equipment and facilities, more efficient energy usage, energy saving measures, and the needs of society both constantly changing, and becoming more diversified. In line with these changes, the type of commissioning of private companies is expanding from commissioned operation and management using traditional specifications, to covering areas of operations such as comprehensive commissioning and third-party commissioning.

◇ Diverse areas of support
TESCO provides support for a range of facilities related to the treatment of water. These include water purification plants, sewage treatment plants (including sludge treatment facilities such as sewage incineration facilities), human waste treatment plants, agricultural community sewage treatment plants, pumping facilities, and drainage pumping stations. In addition to operation and maintenance, TESCO has engineering, construction, and consulting departments (details here), and can handle comprehensive management roles and PFI business.

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■TESCO Operation and Maintenance

TESCO was first commissioned for sewage treatment plant operation and maintenance in the early 1980s in western Japan, and has been responsible for the operation of 131 sewage treatment plants. The quality of water flowing into water treatment plants differs between areas, therefore TESCO ensures thorough monitoring of water quality, providing water quality management suitable for each area.
TESCO's operation policy gives priority to local employment, with the aim of having operation handled by local residents. To this end, the company is focusing its energies on training and certification of locally recruited residents, and this has resulted in a large number of qualified personnel working at plants throughout Japan.

Sewage Treatment Flow

■ Management in the central control room ■ Management in the central control room
Operation of the facility as a whole is monitored 24 hours a day from the central control room. Any warnings generated in the facilities are also shared with the central control room and personnel involved in operating and maintenance, enabling rapid response. TESCO is a specialist with years of experience in operating and managing water treatment facilities, and supports all water processing methods.
■ Maintenance inspections ■ Maintenance inspections
In addition to daily inspections, carrying out planned, periodic inspections of oil, lubrication, adjustment, and replacement work enables early detection and handling of mechanical faults, contributing to increased service life. Additionally, by offering rapid support including standby and temporary equipment for equipment failure, TESCO offers restoration of service with no down-time.
■ BWater quality inspections ■ Water quality inspections
Exacting tests of water quality at water treatment plants ensure that TESCO is fully aware of water quality, from source water right through to discharge. Results of water tests indicate whether or not water treatment is adequate, enabling immediate investigation in the event of problems, and rapid reflection in operation and maintenance.

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