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■ Electrical design

  • For electrical power systems, power transmission systems, elevators, etc:
  • ・Development planning design
  • ・Business planning design
  • ・Production design
  • ・Design materials, specification
     sheets, data analyses
  • ・Circuit diagram operations
  • *Some including support for built-in software

■ Structural design

  • For F3D, electrical power systems, power transmission systems, elevators, etc:
  • ・Study of development structures
  • ・Business planning design
  • ・Support for standardization
  • ・Planning design (installation,
     construction, engineering, etc.)
  • ・Conversion between CAD formats

Drawing upon 3D printers and scanners enables "real" proposals.

■ Elevator testing and examination

Quality assurance for products shipped from the factory. Specifically, this involves checks to confirm that the product manufactured within the factory has the configuration and functionality as detailed in specifications. This work is mainly split into "elevator control panel shipping test" and the "elevator auxiliary panel shipping test," and TESCO is contracted for all elevator-related work with the exception of design.

■ Electrical power system testing and examination

Testing and inspections from the perspective of end users in order to verify that system products that support social infrastructure (electrical power systems, railway electricity drive management systems, road management systems, etc.) purchased by end users are in accordance with agreed operational specifications, and that these are capable of smooth operation. These are carried out on-site.

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