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Integrated Building Maintenance

Protecting Building Value, Providing Safety and Amenity

Building maintenance comprises not only maintaining the value of the building itself, but also providing a safe and comfortable environment for both people who work within, and for visitors. In addition to thorough cleaning in order to maintain the external appearance, this means security guards to prevent crime and disasters, with operation and management of air conditioning facilities, as well as electrical and mechanical equipment. TESCO's building management is based upon "cleanliness," "safety," and "amenity." TESCO's strength is the diverse range of experience that we have accumulated through management of not only public facilities, but also office buildings, hospitals, educational facilities, hotels, sports facilities, and research facilities. Staff involved in building management include boiler engineers, electricians, dangerous material handlers, and health & safety personnel, and all are skilled, holding nationally recognized qualifications. As a good partner to owners and staff, TESCO provides both reliable and efficient running of important facilities, as well as high-quality, speedy operation.

Integrated Building Maintenance Service Details

■ Facilities operation consulting

  • 1. Consulting for buildings in redevelopment areas (operational maintenance planning/costs/personnel estimates)
  • 2. Proposals for commissioning private companies to manage public facilities (using a speci fied management system) for smooth transitions of business operation and management, and for total cost reviews
  • 3. Management association agent for the redevelopment of buildings and condominiums (comprehensive commissioning of administrative and maintenance management business including creation of management agreements, collection of management costs, cleaning, and facilities management)
  • 4. Proposals for operational maintenance and management work for general buildings (facilities management, security, cleaning, etc.) and for cost reductions
  • 5. Proposals for issues concerning energy-savings measures as well as operation and management
  • 6. Improvement proposals for building environmental health
  • 7. Proposals for solutions for detailed issues concerning odor elimination, sterilization, water conservation, and energy reductions

■ Support services

  • 1. Reception & information business
  • 2. Phone support business
  • 3. Maintenance management, monitoring, guidance, cleaning, and facility maintenance management of pools and integrated exercise facilities
  • 4. Personnel dispatching
  • 5. Condominium management
    • ・Office management (creation of management association accounts and budgets, of general and board meeting bills, and of minutes)
    • ・Management clerical work
    • ・Cleaning
    • ・Building and facilities management

■ Facilities management

  • 1. Day-to-day management, measurement, and testing through operational monitoring and daily inspections of electrical facilities, heating and cooling facilities, plumbing and sanitary facilities, firefighting facilities, and other specialized equipment
  • 2. Legal inspections, periodic inspections, maintenance, and repair work of electrical facili ties, heating and cooling facilities, plumbing and sanitary facilities, and firefighting facili ties
  • 3. Based upon the building management law, environmental management, management of the air environment, water quality measurements, boiler ash measurements; cleaning and sterilization of water receiving and elevated water tanks, waste water, household waste water, and sump water holding tanks
  • 4. Design management, consulting and engineering of electrical facilities, plumbing and sanitary facilities, heating and cooling facilities
  • 5. Inspection and diagnostics of facilities and equipment

■ Management of hotels

  • 1. Room planning as well as management and operation of guest rooms, such as bed making
  • 2. Daily, periodic, and special cleaning of hotel common areas
  • 3. General management of facilities
  • 4. Security guard work
  • 5. Reception & information business

■ Security work

  • 1. On-site security guards as well as monitoring and patrols inside and outside buildings such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, sports facilities, stadiums, factories, and parks, in order to prevent accidents, trouble, and fires, etc.
  • 2. In the event of a disaster, lead users in evacuations, provide relief, contact relevant authorities, and carry out initial firefighting
  • 3. Operation management including collecting fees for car parking
  • 4. Traffic control and policing safety for both pedestrians and vehicles within the facilities

■ Building cleaning management

  • 1. Daily cleaning of office buildings, stores, hotels, schools, assembly rooms, and parks
  • 2. Periodic and special cleaning of shared areas of buildings, exclusive-use areas, and external guttering; effective cleaning and waxing of floors for their protection; cleaning of carpets, glass, lighting, blinds, sashes; cleaning of external walls and curtain walls
  • 3. Daily, periodic, and special cleaning of hospitals; cleaning and sterilization of clean areas (sterile rooms, operating rooms, ICU, etc.), cleaning and sterilization of infectious disease wards, environmental measuring, inspections for adhesive bacteria, cleaning, and implementation of measures to counter infectious diseases within the hospital.
  • 4. Rat control and insect extermination

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